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Estados Unidos pide tus perfiles de redes sociales para otorgar visas

Los oficiales de inmigración podrán desde hoy pedirnos nuestros perfiles de redes sociales para chequear nuestra identidad en línea, gracias a una medida adoptada por el gobierno de Donald Trump para todos quienes quieran sacar algún tipo de visa para entrar a los Estados Unidos, informó hoy  Reuters . Los agentes podrán indagar en nuestros datos de hasta cinco años en Internet, y hasta 15 años de nuestra información biográfica, incluyendo números de teléfono, historial de viajes y direcciones domiciliarias, a pesar de que, según indican las entidades a cargo, estas decisiones serán aplicadas solo a un 0,5% de las personas que entren al país. [ Leer mas aqui... ]

Google reportedly planning built-in ad-blocking feature for Chrome

Google plans to introduce an ad-blocking setting in both the mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome browser,  according to  The Wall Street Journal . The option would be opt-in, and it would remove any and all “unacceptable” ads as defined by  Coalition for Better Ads industry group . Those types of ads include pop-up ads, autoplay videos, and what are known as prestitial ads, or those ads that are often fullscreen and show up before you’re taken to the homepage or desired website. [ Read more here... ]

Train Wreck @ Haverstraw, NY

Ohio inmates used salvaged computers to commit credit card fraud from jail

It’s never nice to be without the Internet. When I take a flight and there’s no Wi-Fi, I might grumble. The same is also true when my ISP shits the bed, and I’ve got to wait a few hours for them to send a technician out. Which is why I’ve got a grudging appreciation for the inmate of Marion Correctional Institution in Ohio who  built two clandestine computers , hid them in the ceiling, and connected them to the Internet via the prison’s network. [ Read more here... ]

Google reportedly pursuing LG display deal so it can actually ship phones this year

Google has reportedly offered to invest around $880 million US (1 trillion won) in LG’s Display division in an apparent bid to make sure it gets the supply of displays it needs for the next Pixel phone. According to the  Electronic Times  (via  Reuters ), the lack of a steady supply of OLED panels was one of the main reasons why Google has had such a hard time shipping the current Pixel phone. Google has apparently realized that if you’re trying to break into the phone hardware business, you should probably find a way to make and sell phones to people who want to buy them. Who knew?! [ Read more here... ]

Djay Pro arrives on Windows with streaming from Spotify

The Windows 10 incarnation of Algoriddim’s powerful but easy-to-use DJing app is pretty much identical to what it’s like on macOS: it lets DJs control up to four tracks of audio, manipulate two videos at a time, connect to a selection of DJ controllers, and pull in any song they want from Spotify (so long as they’re a subscriber). There aren’t many changes here aside from some minor visual tweaks to make the app better fit in on Windows. Although, on the off chance that you want to DJ on a Surface Studio, Algoriddim has added controls for the Surface Dial. [ Read more here... ]