Pornhub now turns on encryption by default

Pornhub, one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world according to Google, has added support for encryption, reports VentureBeat. The popular adult entertainment website will now default to HTTPS to give its users a little more confidentiality when visiting the site. Its sister website, YouPorn, will get the same treatment on April 4th.
The announcement comes just days after Congress successfully voted to reverse an FCC privacy rule that will soon allow internet service providers to buy consumers’ web browsing data (the resolution just needs President Trump’s signature to become final. If you want to know which goobers members of Congress made that possible, here’s a full list.) While HTTPS won’t prevent ISPs from tracking what websites you’ve visited, it does prevent them from seeing what specific section of the website you looked at. In Pornhub’s case, ISPs will still know if you were on Pornhub, but it won’t know what kinds of videos you were watching. [Read more here...]


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